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Frequently Asked Questions

The what and how: -

What is a VPS?

It is a Virtual Private Server which generally forms part of a larger server in a datacentre. You connect to the virtual server and it will appear to the user like a normal PC. You can control it in exactly the same way as any normal PC.

What technical skills do I need?

If you can use a computer then a VPS is almost identical. You just connect to your VPS and then use it as you would any normal computer.

How do I connect to the server?

You would do this using Remote Desktop Software. Anyone with an internet connection, a PC, Mac, a smartphone or pretty much any internet enabled device can connect to the VPS using Remote Desktop Software.

About us and your VPS service: -

It is a subscription service?

You can pay month to month or via subscription. The more months you purchase the bigger the discount you get.

What internet speed will I get from my VPS?

The VPS will offer 100 mbps download and upload together with incredibly fast Ping response times to betting exchanges.

Where is the VPS located?

We use a datacentre in Ireland close to the Betfair and Betdaq servers.

Who are SportingServers?

It is part of the company that brought you Bet Angel, we’ve been supplying state of the art servers to our clients since 2006 and have now set up a separate entity to do this exclusively to offer the most reliable and fastest access to Betfair and Betdaq servers.

How do I cancel?

If you haven't subscribed then there is no need to cancel. We will send you reminders ahead of your account expiring, if you choose not to renew your service will simply lapse on an unpaid invoice. If you have subscribed simply cancel your Pay Pal subscription.

Using your VPS: -

Can I use a MAC, iPad or iPhone?

Yes, you will need to download the remote desktop software from the App store.

Does it work with Android phones and tablets?

Yes, you will need to install the remote desktop software from Google Play.

What do I need to connect?

As your VPS is being setup and we will send your control panel details. Clicking on that link will show you your login details and password to the VPS .

What is the VPS IP Address used for?

It is effectively the name of your VPS and unique to you. In the remote desktop connection you type the IP address in the Name box. This identifies the connection address required.

Am I responsible for software updates?

Yes, we will ensure the hardware is maintained but all software updates are your responsibility. We advise all users to ensure they keep the Windows OS up to date and back up their data regularly.

How do I reboot my VPS?

If you require a reboot after an update or because you feel the VPS is running slow then you would reboot the same as any PC. Or if you wish you can do this via your control panel.

Can I reset or reinstall my VPS?

Yes, you can shutdown, restart and even completely resintall your VPS to its opening state. It you do a full re-install all data will be lost. If you have vital data then you MUST back up before undergoing a full re-installation.